Most companies have valuable pieces of equipment. It’s wise to have a system for monitoring them for security and asset management. Managing your assets requires a means of differentiating between them so a record can be kept of key information such as purchase date, maintenance schedule and location. The asset labels we produce are our ultra strong laminated vinyl to protect it in most environments commonly found in a modern workplace.


We exclusively use laminated vinyl with extra permanent adhesive for the asset tags that we produce because our strongest material will protect the design during cleaning of the equipment and the label will remain in place in the most diverse of environments

We are able to supply you with asset labels that are:

  • Sequentially numbered

  • Barcoded

  • Blank window for a handwritten identification code

Every asset label is made to order so we can print the labels to your very own specification. Get in touch with us today to discuss your asset labels.

Asset Labels
Asset Labels

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