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Printed Labels & Stickers

Give your brand the label it deserves. Labels are a vital element of your brand and product, so pick Telford Marketing to ensure that your labels are high quality and suited to your needs. Telford Marketing have provided custom self-adhesive labels and stickers for over 40 years, manufacturing bespoke orders for a huge range of customers, industries, products and applications.

Label Options

Telford Marketing provides a wide range of options when it comes to your labels. These include different finishes, materials and print processes - suited to your specific application. Whether you need a durable label to withstand extreme temperatures or conditions to a luxurious label to emphasis the quality of your product.


Select from a wide range of materials to find the one perfect for your product, such as waterproof synthetics or thermal papers.


Our range of stock cutters accommodate for thousands of shapes and sizes, including those suitable for bottles and packaging.


Once printed, all orders are sent out on a tracked next day delivery service.

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